Sustainability Information


Yarn that I purchase is made from natural materials, usually wool and cotton.  I choose yarns that meet OEKO-TEX dying standards, come from ethical farming practices, and made by workers who are compensated fairly.  I am purposeful about the companies I buy from, and generally choose Malabrigo and We Are Knitters because of their commitment to ethical and sustainable methods.  More information can be found on their websites.  Natural fiber accessories can be found in my shop here.

Knits made from synthetic yarn can also be found in my products.  While I do not purchase this yarn, it is often donated to me.  My intuition suggests that it is better for the Earth to make it into something beautiful that keeps someone warm, rather than to just toss it in a landfill.  Synthetic yarn accessories can be found here.


I am mindful of the amount of waste I create.  When I have enough left over yarn, I start by making scrunchies.  You can find them here.  When I don't have enough yarn to make a scrunchie, I will add the yarn to a scrap rug.  These take a while to make and are dependent upon whatever scraps are available.  Keep an eye out for their occasional appearance in the shop!


All of my knits are shipped in compostable mailers.  These can be reused by cutting and then resealing the flap.  I wrap shipped items in recycled Kraft tissue paper to keep them safe while shipping!

Giving Back

It is important to me that this business does not just exist for its own sake.  A portion of each sale is donated to organizations working with unsheltered folks and to organizations preventing biodiversity loss.



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