Joining Yarns will be at the following markets.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

Image shows Joining Yarn's market booth set up with hat and scrunchie displays.

    Oregon City--Saturdays from 10am-2pm at 2051 Kaen Rd

    • Jan 6
    • Jan 20
    • Feb 3
    • Feb 17

    McMinnville--Thursday from 11am-5pm at First and Cowls Street

           See you next season!

    Newberg Art Walk—Lineage--814 E First St, Newberg, OR, 5pm-8pm 

           See you next season!

    Whiskey Hill Store Makers Market—10am-4pm at 5804 S Whiskey Hill Rd, Hubbard

           See you next season!

    Sisters Harvest Faire

           See you next season!




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