About Joining Yarns

Welcome!  Joining Yarns is inspired by the idea that we are all connected, an idea that is an intentional part of everything Joining Yarns does.  When you buy one of my hats, you are connected to the whole process. The material for the hat comes from sheep who are ethically taken care of by farmers; from dyers who choose methods that are sustainable and good for our Earth, to me who knits your hat and forward to our unsheltered community supported by donations with every hat sold. Buying a hat connects you, me, and so many others in our world in a time in which connection is limited. I love my business model; it’s why I have built my business this way--to humbly be a part of a system that is sustainable, giving, and connecting in a time in which we all could use more connection.  For a little more information about the sustainable choices I make, head to this page.



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